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Who is it for?

For online and service-based business owners who want to get a customized roadmap for how to free up 20-30 hours per week while still growing their business.

about us.

We made a bold move by breaking away from the traditional agency model…

We are a recruiter-owned company formed as an antidote to the general dissatisfaction felt towards the recruitment industry as a whole. We realized that many of our clients didn’t need our high-end, high-cost consulting services, but what they desperately needed were great teams who are efficient and productive. 

We harness the power of social media and the latest technology while leveraging an expert team of researcher, HR, recruiter, and operations consultants. We help you hire the team you need and maximize and retain the team you have.

For you, this means less time, less frustration, lower costs and enhanced control of your talent organization. Finally, a solution that makes sense.