What is a Good Kolbe Score?

The Kolbe A Index is a unique and powerful assessment tool that measures an individual’s conative strengths or natural instincts for taking action. The assessment helps individuals uncover their natural abilities and overcome challenges that arise from people trying to operate outside of their instinctive strengths.

Unlike other personality assessments that measure intelligence, social style, or personality traits, the Kolbe A Index focuses on conation- the innate ability to take purposeful action towards achieving goals. The results provide valuable insights into a person’s natural problem-solving abilities and tendencies.

So What’s a Good Kolbe A Assessment Score?

There is no specific “good” or “bad” Kolbe score as each individual’s results measure their natural way of taking action, not against a universal standard. Instead of focusing on the score itself, it’s more important to understand your strengths and how they can be leveraged in various contexts, such as work or personal relationships. There are four action modes that are measured. And there’s a 9 point scale in each, with a 1 as the lowest and a 9 the highest. An example of a Kolbe A Index score is 4-2-8-3, with each number representing the 4 action modes.

Four Kolbe Score Action Modes: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quickstart, and Implementer

Each action mode, or Kolbe assessment types, is crucial to understanding how an individual approaches problem-solving activities. Understanding each of these modes allows you to make use of your strengths and build teams that complement one another’s strengths while avoiding conflicts.

Fact Finder

The Fact Finder mode involves collecting information by researching thoroughly before moving forward with any idea or decision. Individuals who score high in this mode have a natural ability to scrutinize details carefully. They enjoy creating procedures, categorizing information and produce well-informed plans. It is essential for situations where accuracy and evidence are crucial.

The CEO of a law firm may score high in the Fact Finder mode when analyzing contracts or reviewing legal briefs before presenting them at trials. This approach helps them identify assumptions riskier areas within agreements.

Follow Thru

In contrast, those who score high in Follow Thru will naturally generate systems that are detailed and organized. People with this mode like tasks that require clear instructions as they can break down complex projects into manageable components like timeframes and prioritize their tasks accordingly.


Quickstart is a mode ideally suited for entrepreneurs who embrace taking risks proactively without too much planning beforehand. Quickstarts thrive on uncertainty because they feel most energized when crafting unique ideas from scratch.


Lastly, Implementers apply a hands-on approach to problem-solving activities. They enjoy the act of creation and excel at turning ideas into tangible things. Implementers frequently choose to jump into tasks, make prototyping adjustments rapidly, and refine them on the go.

Just like a car has different gears for various driving scenarios, an individual’s action modes can help them navigate different situations’ work. Knowing which gear to shift into is essential in providing the necessary oomph for specific situations to accelerate progress efficiently.

The Value of a Good Kolbe Score

While there is no such thing as a good or bad Kolbe score, understanding one’s natural mode of operation can be extremely valuable. For starters, knowing your instinctive tendencies can shed light on why you behave in certain ways. This self-awareness alone can help individuals to identify and break free from behaviors that are limiting their potential.

Furthermore, the Kolbe A Index is an important tool for personal and professional development. By highlighting your innate strengths and weaknesses, the assessment can guide individuals towards career paths or positions that are better suited to their natural problem-solving approach. This can be especially helpful when considering career changes or navigating corporate environments where employees may be promoted into roles that do not align with their abilities.

Ultimately, the value of a good Kolbe score lies in its ability to help individuals unlock their potential. By understanding how you instinctively operate, you can make better decisions, set more realistic goals, and become more productive in all areas of life.

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