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about us.

We made a bold move by breaking away from the traditional recruitment agency model…

We are a recruiter-owned company formed as an antidote to the general dissatisfaction felt towards the recruitment industry as a whole. We realized that many of our clients didn’t need our high-end, high-cost recruitment services, but what they desperately needed were good candidates and profiles that were cost effective for the organization overall. 

We harness the power of social media and the latest recruitment technology while leveraging an expert research team, disciplined sourcing techniques and volume purchasing power to help our clients identify top talent for their organization, providing them with highly accurate active and passive candidate resumes – fast.

For you, this means less time, less frustration, lower costs and enhanced control of your recruitment process. Finally, a solution that makes sense.


Our focus.

We understand your business and provide quality expertise.

Using deep web search and other tools we identify candidates and build a pipeline based on your search requirements.

Talent Mapping

Comprehensive research reports on talent pools within particular job disciplines and/or geographic areas.

Resume Screening

Utilizing AI-driven software and a team of talent sourcers we quickly screen your resumes and shortlist the top ones.

Contact Research

Using our own proprietary system and other private databases, we generate personal / professional contact information.

Explore Our Approach

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Our team.

We have a team of talent acquisition experts to support you.
HR Project Managers
Internet Researchers

IntelliTalent in detail.

We can adapt to your business requirements and customize our service:

An extension of your team

Your in-house team should spend time doing high-level tasks i.e. networking, building relationships, interviewing candidates, negotiating offers, making hires, etc. They should not be spending hours a day performing complex advanced Boolean and x-ray searches.


Quick Turnaround Time

We work quickly to provide a constant flow of candidate pipeline for your team to reach out to which leads to time savings, cost savings and increased productivity for your team.



Humans powered by Technology

Our internet researchers/sourcers all have exceptional internet/computer skills. They use advanced internet searching techniques including, x-raying, flipping, peeling back, harvesting/mining and Boolean search and have access to various software packages, private databases, social big data tools and directories.


U.S. / Women Owned

We are proud to be an American-based, women owned business and serve clients all over the world. Our company was founded by recruiters with a deep expertise and network within the talent acquisition industry.



We have a fair and flexible pricing model to suit different business needs.
Per Hour

  • Guaranteed minimums
  • Transparent billing
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Customer Support
Per Successful Record

  • Pay When We Fulfill
  • Multiple Delivery Formats
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Customer Support
Monthly Flat Rate

  • Predictable Pricing
  • Flexible billing/payments
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Customer Support


Here's what our clients have to say.

With IntelliTalent you have access to top talent without paying top dollar.

Rick B.

Enterprise Manager

Finally, a solution that makes sense and brings the recruitment industry up-to-date.  IntelliTalent levels the talent acquisition playing field for small and mid-sized companies

Lou A


From start to finish they were engaging, professional, super customer service oriented, secured and delivered exactly what we needed and made adjustments as our needs changed during the research process.  I could not recommend their research services more strongly.  They constantly made sure that I was getting what I had expected to receive.  I wish all vendors delivered this high level of deliverables and customer service.  

Norman L



Why Select Us?

Our flexible and customer-oriented service speaks for itself.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have a track record for increasing our clients’ productivity and bottom line.


We have flexible pricing models to meet the needs of various types of businesses and structures.


We guarantee our performance to ensure we deliver exactly to our customers’ expectations. 


Our team of expert talent researchers, recruiters, sourcers and project managers come from HR/talent acquisition backgrounds


We pride ourselves on delivering our projects and services on-time and on-budget for our clients.

Customer Service

Our team goes above and beyond to make our clients happy. We’ve consistently maintained client satisfaction scores above 97%.

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Our Blog

Hiring and recruiting tips and tricks.

We know hiring and recruiting

Recruiting and hiring are both and art and a science. We want to help you recruit and retain the best talent in the market. “According to a yearlong study conducted by McKinsey Co., the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent.” Organizations must be strategic about attracting, developing and retaining talent as this is the only way to maximize your talent acquisition investment and to maintain your competitive advantage.

How to Recruit and Retain Millennials
There are some blatant misconceptions when it comes to recruiting Millennials – they are not loyal employees, they only care about what’s in it for them, etc. The truth is, Gen Y is simply…
Dealing with Counter Offers
Our dreaded fear…the “counter offer”. As the talent war heightens so is the likelihood of a counter-offer. It is vital that you are prepared so that you can in turn prepare your candidate. Research…
How to Avoid Bad Hires
The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80 percent of mis-hires are caused by bad hiring decisions. Hiring the wrong person can cost your company thousands of dollars. In fact, the latest statistics show that…

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