How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Millennials

There are some blatant misconceptions when it comes to recruiting Millennials – they are not loyal employees, they only care about what’s in it for them, etc. The truth is, Gen Y is simply motivated by different things. In lieu of salary and stability, this generation values freedom, personal growth and meaningful work. They command autonomy, empowerment and flexibility. They want to be challenged and inspired and they want to… Read More »How to Effectively Recruit and Retain Millennials

Dealing with Counter Offers

Our dreaded fear…the “counter offer”. As the talent war heightens so is the likelihood of a counter-offer. It is vital that you are prepared so that you can in turn prepare your candidate. Research has shown that the typical counter offer is between 15 to 20% of the employee’s current salary though the company making the counter offer may try a variety tactics in addition to a salary increase to… Read More »Dealing with Counter Offers